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How to Detail the Bottom of a Rainscreen with Metal Siding

gbcif | Posted in General Questions on

I have a stick built Zip sheathed camp with 3″ of exterior foam and 3/4 horizontal furring to hold up vertical 1 1/4 corrugated metal wavy siding. The siding is very low profile with only 1/4 waves.

I want to seal to insects, but not airflow the bottom close to where the siding ends at the start of the foundation.

The roofing company doesn’t sell “profiled” vents like they do for more common panel profiles.

I thought about taking something like a ridge vent (rolled) and putting it over the furring, but the material would need to compact down to nothing and 1/4 inch where the ribs are. I am not familiar with a product that will compact down like that , even with trimming.

My second consideration was to use core-a-vent SV 5 as a bottom furring strip and calk the corrugated right to that to allow for venting and prevent the insect issue.

My third option is to possibly use a universal ridge vent rolled material and install it just on top and parallel to the bottom furring. (Not between the furring and siding, but between the siding and the foam)

Cobra Vent for example, is only 3/4 thick, so it wouldn’t work, it would srill leave the quarter inch gap under the ribs.

Could I cut it and install pieces sideways?

I have carpenter bees and don’t want to worry over time with the 1/4 opening. Seeking comments on my ideas and alternatives please.

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  1. Expert Member


    Get a standard L-flashing made up for the base, but using perforated material.
    Something like this:

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