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Retrofit Baffles? V baffles?

CRHawk | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I just bought a 1970’s house in Massachusetts with a partially cathedral ceiling.

It has had mold problems in the past in the attic, and I would have expected it to have a vented roof.  I got access to the attic and found despite having soffit vents and a ridge vent it did *not* have baffles.  Just fiberglass in the rafter bays.

To add to the fun it has cosmetic exposed beams in the vaulted ceiling that are attached to the furring strips.  The drywall was added between the beams which means lots of air gaps which I plan to seal.

I searched for a retrofit capable baffle that I could add and only found one commercial one, but they are backordered.

Home (

1.  I assume air sealing should be my top priority?

2.  Does it make sense that I should add baffles?

3.  Do I have an option other than making them out of 1×2 and thin plywood if I can’t get commercial ones?


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  1. josher668 | | #1

    What did you end up doing? I have a 2 story cathedral ceiling that had condensation issues this winter and I'm looking at the vbaffles too. I might have to install them through the soffit as the only access above is to remove the ridge vent.

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