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Short video to sell the idea of building science?

mikeysp | Posted in General Questions on

Hi, I am in zone 4a,

Is there a short video that explains why building science is important?

I have been convinced of the importance of building science from a health and efficiency standpoint and try to educate every and any friend who is buying or building a house. 

However, it is hard to articulate the whole concept on the fly casually. 

Surely someone has done a powerful 10-15 minute video covering A-Z with the why to do so with the contrast to failing to do so?

Most people are not going to read 100s of articles and threads and watch hundreds of videos. 

I went and looked at a house with a friend two days ago, and it was a nightmare. Just a little rain nd there was a small pond under the house. Rain comes off hill and runs right into side of house. Poor drainage. Water leaks into siding and windowsill. Musty. Tons of rodent droppings, and tunnels all through attic blow in fiberglass where a colony of mice apprently live, etc…ad nausea. Toungue and groove ceilings built in 1940’s

Of course, the inside of the house has been painted and decorate, so it all looks nice. Lipstrick on a pig. 

Thanks for a link if you know of one. 

I have watched 100s of links, but not one that meets this criteria. I may have to make one if it does not exist. 

Building science evangelist. 


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