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In Denver, a Conference for Energy Efficiency Retrofitters

The Colorado Energy Star Summit aims to cultivate interest in careers focused on home-performance improvements

Posted on Nov 24 2010 by Richard Defendorf

Nowadays, discussions about job prospects in the homebuilding and remodeling sectors often zero in on energy efficiency upgrades. The stimulus-funded expansion of the Weatherization Assistance Program raised the profile of weatherizing, and tax incentives and affordable-financing programs have helped drive demand for certain types of renewable-energy systems.

Not that it’s smooth sailing for retrofitters. Energy efficiency improvements aren’t necessarily an easy sell. A federal tax credit, up to $1,500, for 30% of the cost of certain upgrades is set to expire on December 31, and convincing homeowners to invest in “invisible” improvements (such as wall insulation, or new HVAC equipment) can be challenging, especially if they’re likely to sell the property in the near future. Even agencies that administer government-funded weatherization programs have been exhaustively analyzing what works and what doesn’t when pitching weatherization services to homeowners.

The good news is that the market for energy efficiency retrofits is going to grow than diminish, which is why events such as the upcoming Colorado Energy Star Summit, scheduled for December 8 and 9 at Denver Marriott Tech Center, in Denver, Colorado, are pertinent to people aiming for careers as energy efficiency retrofitters and experts in home construction safety and durability.

Managed by the nonprofit Affordable Comfort Inc., a specialist in home-performance education, Energy Star Summit will include breakout sessions on building science and diagnostics, superinsulation details, building codes, local and national rating programs, business management, marketing, and sales. Registration for the full conference costs $395; the single-day rate is $215. Visit for details.

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