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Florida Utility Offers Generous PV Feed-In Tariff

Posted on Feb 6 2009 by Martin Holladay

Owners of PV systems will be paid 32¢ per kWh

GAINESVILLE, FL — A Florida electric utility, Gainesville Regional Utilities, will soon offer a generous 32¢ per kWh feed-in tariff to owners of photovoltaic arrays. That makes Gainesville Regional Utilities the second utility in the U.S. (after Green Mountain Power in Vermont) to offer a photovoltaic feed-in tariff.

Beginning March 1, 2009, Gainesville Regional Utilities will pay 32¢ per kWh for all of the PV power generated by a customer’s array, even if the customer purchases more power from the grid than the PV array generates. The generous feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years.

PV feed-in tariffs were first launched in the early 1990s in Germany, where they are credited with fueling the German boom in PV installations.

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Mar 20, 2009 1:37 PM ET

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by Martin Holladay

For more information on the solar boom ignited by Gainesville's feed-in tariff, read an article on the topic at .

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