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An Opportunity for Users to Rate Window Manufacturers

Our friends at BuildingGreen have created an online survey — so you can let them know what you think of Marvin, Pella, and Andersen

If you've purchased windows, BuildingGreen wants to hear whether you're satisfied with your purchase.
Image Credit: Internorm Varion

By Martin Holladay

Everybody has an opinion on windows, it seems. When specifying windows, builders usually look for good customer service. Most builders want a local rep who answers the phone, provides quick turnarounds on bids, delivers windows on time, and promptly shows up on site when something goes wrong.

Homeowners want windows that look good, operate smoothly, and don’t fall apart.

Energy nerds want windows with excellent performance specifications.

If you’re a window customer, how was your experience? Are the windows performing as expected? Did they arrive on time? Did the window rep help you when your windows developed problems?

Rate your window-buying experience

Our friends at BuildingGreen, the company that publishes Environmental Building News, are seeking your input. They’ve created a fast online survey form where you can rate your window-buying experience on a 1-star to 5-star scale.

To read more about the survey, see Rate Your Windows! (And Share Your Lessons Learned).

To go straight to the survey, click this link.


  1. propeller | | #1

    Energy nerd
    Thanks for using the perfect picture for an "energy nerd". These Internorm windows fit the bill perfectly. I recently had a chance to see some in person in a Passive Haus and was truly impressed. I'm curious to see what other had to say about the different brands surveyed.

  2. user-304075 | | #2

    Currently selecting windows
    I am currently at the point where I must soon choose a vendor for windows on a passive solar home design so I will be very interested in the results of this survey.

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