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Bloggers Who Blog About Green Building Advisor

A partial listing of bloggers who talk about GBA


We will continue to update and promote this page as we stumble across more bloggers talking about our little site.

Bloggers: Visit our Press Room
for RSS feeds of most of our frequently refreshing stuff:

(GBA is included in a list of Green Architecture, Construction and Renovation blogs.)

(Anna at ZeroResource picked up on the GBA mention of the Vdara Hotel “death ray” in Las Vegas.)

(David and Virginia give a positive review of Martin’s blog about blower-door testing.)

(OnGreen provides links to five of Martin’s blogs.)

(BeyondEfficiency regularly links to the Energy Nerd blogs.)

(The Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance regularly links to the Energy Nerd blogs.)

( picks up the debate that Martin began: “Should Green Homes Burn Wood?”)

(Robert Swinburne includes a link to a GBA article on a green home that he designed.)

(GreenSquared gives a thumbs-up to Martin’s article on the energy-efficiency pyramid.)

(A blog on the Mother Nature Network recommends Alex Wilson’s article on ground-source heat pumps.)

(Populus recommends Martin’s “Top Ten Energy Efficiency News Stories of the Decade.”)

(Populus recommends a news story by Richard Defendorf.)

(Allan Edwards recommends Martin’s blog on designing efficient homes for hot climates.)

(According to The Green Spotlight, GBA is the top-of-the-list Web site for case studies of green homes.)

(A blogger recommends Michael Chandler’s blog, “The Case Against Christmas Bonuses.”)

(Practical Eco mentions GBA blogger Michael Chandler.)

(Greg Smith recommends “Martin’s Useless Products List”)

(Peggy Deras recommends a GBA White Paper, “Thinning the Herd.”)

(Peter Troast recommends a GBA page with “an excellent debate on this between two smart guys — Martin Holladay and Michael Blasnik.”)

(The RESNET site includes a link to the blogs of GBA’s Green Building Curmudgeon, Carl Seville.)

(The Green Goddess recommends Martin’s blog, “Roofing and Siding Jobs Are Energy-Retrofit Opportunities.”)

(Daniel Lewis recommends the GBA Encyclopedia page on Rigid Foam Insulation.)

(Erich Vieth recommends Martin’s blog on the Jevons Paradox.)

(The Facebook page of this husband-and-wife design team from Columbus, Ohio, includes regular links to GBA blogs.)

(The BestGreenHomeTips site recommends Martin’s Useless Products List.)

(Trent Johnson of Re-Nest recommends the Insulation Overview article in the GBA Encyclopedia.)

(After a blogger on the site recommended Martin’s Useless Products List, Allison Bailes posted this comment: “Martin Holladay is one of the most knowledgeable people in the construction/energy industry, having been the editor of Energy Design Update before going to Green Building Advisor. He’s constantly on the lookout for these kinds of scams and does a great service with his blog.”)

(Dan Bossenbroek on the JustGreenHomes site recommends GBA’s Pro/Con debate, “Open-Cell or Closed-Cell Foam?”)

(The HomeEvolutions site recommends a blog by GBA’s Michael Chandler.)

(On the Green Talk site, Anna recommends Martin’s blog on solar hot water.)

(Tim Eian recommends “In Defense of the Passive House Standard” by Marc Rosenbaum and David White.)

(According to the Small House Building site, GBA is “a wonderful website dedicated to green building practices and advice.”)

(Steve Weiss recommends Martin’s blog, “The History of the Chainsaw Retrofit.”)

(The International Passive House magazine recommends a GBA news story.)

(The Passive Buildings Canada site recommends Martin’s interview with Dr. Wolfgang Feist.)

(This Web page places GBA on its list of “50 Must-Read Green Engineering Blogs.”)

(Preston Koerner recommends Martin’s blog on “The Energy Efficiency Pyramid.”)

(In the opinion of Steve Linsky, National Lumber’s Green Building Coordinator, GBA is “the best website in the building industry for a combination of pure construction detail info and sustainable construction programs and ideas.”)

(On this list of 6 links, one is Jetson Green, one is Treehugger and two are GBA.)

(Construct Ireland recommends Martin’s interview of Dr. Wolfgang Feist.)

(Originally referred to GBA software, but links to us as a tool for assessing green building)

(GBA is at the top of a list of “favorite links.”)

(GBA is mentioned as one of three resources for the blog’s readers.)


(GBA’s Building Science podcast on list of favorite sites.)

(Juli MacDonald calls GBA “a valuable resource for third-party evaluation of green building products and for construction detailing and methods.”)


(FHB and GBA are listed as green building resources.)

(A green skeptic talks about GBA.)

(GBA’s BSC podcast is listed as a favorite construction blog.)

(GBA is listed as a green building resource.)

(Remodeling green resource)


(“Green” tab on their website is a list of green resources – GBA is one of them)

(A blog about wood heat – references Martin’s wood burning blog)

(GBA – particluarly Martin’s blog – mentioned as this blogger’s top source of green building info)


(Energy Nerd is at the top of this list, with a very nice review)

(Mentions and links to Green Architect’s Lounge and Martin’s earlier blog, both which mention Energy Pyramid)

(Positive commentary on green building sparked by some points in Martin’s blog)

(One of the Bob Vila’s editors takes Martin a little out of context and challenges the perception that Martin advocates that we don’t build any new homes; the blog does agree with the “less total energy vs. more energy efficient” argument.)

(According to Affinity Properties, GBA is a “great resource for all things green building.”)

(The OriginalGreen blog recommends the Twitter stream of GBA’s Carl Seville.)

(The SLS Construction Blog recommends Martin’s Christmas carols.)

Responses to Martin’s PV module testing

Several bloggers responded to Martin’s performance testing of his 30-year-old PV module, including:


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    Ad infinitum
    So is this post "Blog about Bloggers blogging about our blog?" Can't hardly wait for next month.

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  3. Daniel Morrison | | #3

    Comment on blog about bloggers who blog about our blogs!
    You're bucking for a job, aren't you, Dan?

    We felt that bloggers who blog about GBA are smart. These bloggers probably have other blogs that GBA readers will find useful, interesting, or both.

    Hence, the list of bloggers who blog about our blogs.

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    Don't forget to add the sites listed in your own "blogroll" on the right side of the page here:

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