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GREEN BUILDING TIP: Use a Certified Irrigation Pro

An EPA-certified professional can deliver a better irrigation system that saves water

As much as 60% of all household water consumption can go to outdoor uses. Irrigation systems should be designed not to waste potable water. A good system delivers water efficiently at the right time. Systems that distribute water indiscriminately, like lawn sprinklers, are inherently wasteful.

While lawn and garden work are tempting DIY projects, a certified pro can help you accomplish your water conservation goals more efficiently. At least they can help you make better choices when designing the system.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a national list of irrigation professionals who have completed a certification process through the EPA’s WaterSense program.

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Green points

LEED for Homes: Up to 4 points for high-efficiency irrigation systems.

NGBS/ICC-700: Up to 10 points for efficient irrigation (801.7); up to 8 points for rainwater harvesting (801.8); 2 points for irrigation zoning (801.9); 4 points for smart irrigation controller


15 points for no irrigation system with green landscape plan (801.10); 5 points for gray-water irrigation use (802.1).

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