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Green Architects' Lounge

Home Energy Monitoring, Part 3: The Wrap-Up

How much do they cost and what is the future of this home technology?

The new Bluline Monitor uses a WiFi module that collects data and sends it over the Internet so that you can see energy usage over time.

In this final part of the episode, Phil and I continue our chat with Peter Troast of Energy Circle about home energy monitoring. We conclude this epic trilogy by discussing:

  • Cost. How much are these systems going to set you back?
  • Renewables. These are the perfect tools for monitoring the generation of electricity by your installed renewables too.
  • Where do the utility companies fit in to all of this?. And what about smart meters? (be sure to visit the article by Richard Defendorf for much more on the subject
  • What is the future of home energy monitoring?
  • Phil’s Hot Zigg (our term for a great idea.) At the time I said it was brilliant. (I think I want to take that back)
  • What about oil and gas? Can we monitor them with electricity?

Then of course, Phil Takes us out with another song selection. This time it’s Rococo by Arcade Fire. At the time Phil was the coolest kid on the block as this album was released the day before our recording.

Be sure to visit parts 1 and 2 of this episode. The contributions of Micheal Chandler in the comments section of Part 1 is especially interesting (as is the cocktail recipe).

Enjoy the show.


  1. user-964538 | | #1

    Plenty of Room at the Bottom
    Back when I did some honest thinking on this subject, I compiled several writings for myself, and exchanged them with other good folks for opinions. I think your podcast has shed a lot of light on the subject for myself. I recommend checking out an old Feynman essay some time, for your interest. Blog entry I put together here.

  2. user-964538 | | #2

    KNX standard
    Some other info about what may be going on in Europe can be found at another blog entry of mine, from a while ago.

    Bear in mind also, in thinking about this subject, that Europe is really interested in seeing what happens in North America. Whatever direction this ultimately takes in your part of the world, will have substantial impacts, upon what happens elsewhere. That is the way it works in the energy industries I guess. The decision as to where the 'intelligence' is put in the system, being of prime concern. Is it in the meter, or does the intelligence sit in the bowels of the utility's generation station, or somewhere else. All kinds of authors spring to mind, many of whom express very definite opinions on who will own the major parts of the infrastructure, and how it is distributed. Yochai Benkler, Nicholas G. Carr, David Eisenberg and many others.

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