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Green Building News

Mike Rogers Dies

Rogers was an advocate for improved energy efficiency and home performance

Mike Rogers

Energy efficiency advocate Mike Rogers died on December 18, 2018. Rogers was best known for his work establishing the Home Performance With Energy Star program.

I first met Rogers in 2003, when I interviewed him for an article in Energy Design Update. Like me, Rogers lived in Vermont. Every few years, we’d bump into each other at a conference, and once we encountered each other by chance on a hiking trail. (We were both climbing Camel’s Hump at the time.)

Rogers was a leader in our industry, and an all-around good guy. He died too young, the victim of a rare and aggressive form of cancer. We’ll miss him.

Anyone interested is reading more about Rogers’s remarkable life should read his obituary in the online version of Seven Days.

One Comment

  1. Expert Member
    Carl Seville | | #1

    Big loss. Mike was a great guy and really dedicated to home performance.

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