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Rigid Insulation Made Without Plastic

A BuildingGreen Top 10 Product: Thermafiber Mineral Wool Insulation

A great replacement for rigid foam boards made with plastic because these don't contain controversial flame retardants.
Image Credit: manufacturer

— From BuildingGreen’s 2009 Top-10 Products list

Thermafiber makes a variety of mineral-fiber insulation products from pre-consumer recycled iron-ore slag for commercial and residential thermal, sound attenuation, and fire-resistant construction applications. Both batt and boardstock materials are available in a wide range of densities, facings, thicknesses, and R-values. Thermafiber products, according to the manufacturer, are noncombustible without flame retardants, are odor-free, will not absorb moisture or support mildew or fungus, and will not rot or decay. A urea-extended, phenol-formaldehyde binder (up to 3% by weight) is used to hold fibers together, but the manufacturing process results in very low residual levels of formaldehyde in the insulation. Measured formaldehyde emissions, as tested by Air Quality Sciences, are 0.012 parts per million (ppm) for the company’s batt insulation, compared with average background formaldehyde levels of about 0.20 ppm. These levels are far lower than the most stringent CARB Phase II formaldehyde emission levels for wood panel products.

More information:

Thermafiber, Inc.

3711 W. Mill St.

Wabash, IN 46992

Phone: 260-563-2111

Toll-free: 888-834-2371

Fax: 800-294-7076

One Comment

  1. Katy_Hollbacher | | #1

    Cost comparisons
    Dan, do you have any ballpark cost comparisons of rigid rockwool panels to XPS & EPS?

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