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Video Series: Replacing a Window in a Brick House

In a 4-part video series, Mike Sloggat explains how to inspect existing windows and, if appropriate, install an insert replacement window in a brick home

Mike Sloggatt has thirty years' experience working on brick houses. In this four-part video series, Mike shows all of the steps required to install an insert replacement window in a brick home.

Brick walls can seriously complicate window installation and can sometimes confuse even the most experienced builders. Fortunately for us, Mike Sloggatt, who has thirty years’ experience working on brick houses, was available to show us how to assess the situation and do the job right.

In this video series, Mike will demonstrate how to:

  • Inspect the condition of the existing window to determine if it is a good candidate for a new insert window.
  • Measure for a new insert window.
  • Shim, level, and fasten the insert window.
  • Air-seal between the new unit and the jamb of the original window.
  • Install interior and exterior trim.

This first episode is available to everyone. The rest of the episodes are available to GBA Pro members only.

Click this link to see the first episode: Video: Replacement Window in an Old Brick House.


  1. user-805288 | | #1

    Not able to access this video
    Not able to access this video for some reason??

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Response to Kyle Anders
    Thanks for notifying us of the problem. Our apologies.

    The link has been fixed, so it should work now.

  3. AntonioO | | #3

    Is there similar instruction on how to do a full replacement rather than a replacement insert? I understand the relative ease of installation, but have never been a fan of the inserts. Also, a full replacement would allow me to possibly better insulate between the window and rough opening. I'm considering the replacement of a window while updating a kitchen.

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