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Part 5 of GBA’s Passivhaus Video Series

‘Installing High-Performance Windows,’ the fifth episode in a series of videos on a Passivhaus project, shows the installation of triple-glazed Makrowin windows from Slovakia

Installing Passivhaus windows. The fifth video in our Passivhaus series shows how the triple-glazed Makrowin windows were installed at the Passivhaus project in Falmouth.
Image Credit: Taunton Press

At the Passivhaus job site in Falmouth, Massachusetts, architect Steve Baczek specified triple-glazed Makrowin windows from Slovakia. The windows were installed as “in-betweenies,” and the perimeter of each window was sealed with Siga Wigluv tape.

To make sure that the installations were watertight, each window was tested with a garden hose equipped with a spray nozzle after it was installed.

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Here is the link to the “Installing High-Performance Windows” video.

To see Episode One of the series, click here: “Passive House Design.” (The first episode is available to all GBA readers, including non-members.)

One Comment

  1. user-1135248 | | #1

    nice location
    Well, it wasn't hard to peg in google-earth: 41.557340,-70.55822
    in what looks like a lovely isolated spot on Israel's Cove.

    I wonder if it'll be open for tours at some point? The local
    NESEA open-house effort seems to be dead, so it would have to
    be its own standalone event.


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