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Heat pumps

GBA Editor | Posted in Mechanicals on

What heat pump is best or more cost-effective and most energy-efficient? Direct earth contact or air circulation? Why? Where can I find the best info on these systems? Thanks.

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  1. claumergiddens | | #1

    Mini- and Multi-Split Heat Pumps are likely to be the most cost effective and energy efficient. They work in any climate zone, and only use as much electricity and refrigerant as needed at any given time. I call it 'heating and cooling on demand'.

    Most modest-sized systems can be designed with one outdoor unit and multiple indoor units. They're great for homes where zoning and control is desirable (which is most homes).

    The outdoor unit has a max. draw of 18 Amps, the indoor units are max. 1 Amp. They are extremely quiet, use very little energy, and are also very good for indoor air quality.

    Here are a couple of articles with more info.


  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Check out Scott Gibson's latest Q&A Spotlight, Air-Source or Ground-Source Heat Pump?

    After reading Scott's article, click on each of the links in the "Related Articles" box -- you'll find plenty of information in those articles.

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