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HVAC Installer Recommendation in Omaha, NE

matt99_99 | Posted in General Questions on

I have engaged Energy Vanguard to do the full HVAC design for a ranch home in Omaha, Nebraska.  I have been trying to do the legwork on finding a good installer, as my builder and their contractors do not think that an air source heat pump can work without a gas furnace backup.  Does anyone know any forward thinking HVAC contractors/companies in the area?  I will wait for the full HVAC design, but my preference is a Mitsubishi Hyper Heat (or similar performing ASHP) with a single air handler and ducting.  


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  1. matt99_99 | | #1

    I will answer my own question. I am working with Corwin Keller from Ideal Heating and Air in Omaha. He's been great and very good working with energy vanguard. I can't say enough about how good it's been so far, although we're yet to install everything.

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