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Tape Product Recommendation for Rigid Foam Seams

aldoleopold42 | Posted in General Questions on

What is the best tape for taping XPS seams in my basement? My local stores carry Tyvek but was wondering if others have better recommendations.  Thanks!

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  1. dfvellone | | #1

    I used 3m All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 on the xps sheathing on my house both inside and out, and it has performed beautifully. Several years after applying the tape a couple area remained exposed to the elements and the tape still held as tight as ever. For the price and performance it seems tough to beat.

    1. aldoleopold42 | | #2

      Thank you!

  2. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #3

    Here’s the same question from another reader with a few additional comments to consider: Tape for XPS Board Seams. Also, Martin Holladay, a tape-testing whiz, says this: In my experience, the best tapes for XPS are either Siga Wigluv or Siga Sicral. (These European tapes are available from Small Planet Workshop.) The best U.S. tape for XPS is 3M All Weather flashing tape. (You might appreciate
    Martin’s backyard tape testing experiments

    1. aldoleopold42 | | #4

      Thank you!

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