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New Video Series: Airtight Drywall

In a 3-part video series, Myron Ferguson shows how to hang drywall in an airtight manner, using caulk, gaskets, canned foam, and airtight electrical boxes

In this new video series, Myron Ferguson demonstrates all the steps required to install drywall according to the Airtight Drywall Approach.

Stopping air leaks is the single most important part of making a house more energy efficient. Every building needs at least one, and sometimes two, air barriers. One of the most common ways to install an interior air barrier is to follow the Airtight Drywall Approach.

In this video series, Myron Ferguson demonstrates all the steps required to install drywall in an airtight manner. The materials that Myron uses are fairly common: construction adhesive, caulk, and canned spray foam. He also uses some materials that are somewhat less common, including special foam boxes used to create airtight electrical boxes.

One important step in the process is to seal all of the gaps between framing members: around windows, around doors, at the gaps between kind stud and trimmer stud, between headers and top plates, and between double top plates.

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Click this link to see the first episode: Video: How to Hang Airtight Drywall.

One Comment

  1. Shelly349 | | #1

    How should these holes be air sealed in the drywall? What products can be used? All these internet cables. Makes me wonder if they left holes up higer that need sealing too. Is that possible?

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