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A New Encyclopedia Article on Air Barriers

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Home performance contractors use a blower door to help locate air barrier defects.
Image Credit: Kathy Price

GBA’s library of articles and blogs continues to expand. The newest article to be added to the ever-deeper GBA Encyclopedia covers air barriers.

The article pulls together a great deal of information on air barriers, including:

  • Why homes with faulty air barriers are more likely to rot
  • Information on the three forces that move air through building envelopes
  • Why it’s important for all of your subcontractors to understand air barriers
  • An explanation of the different materials that make up an air barrier
  • The difference between an air barrier and a vapor barrier
  • The most common weak spots in residential air barriers
  • How to create an air barrier with drywall

Click here to see the new article on air barriers.

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  1. albertrooks | | #1

    Worth the price of admission
    If your unfamiliar with the topic of Airsealing and air barriers, this section of the library will place all of the relevant background and subsequent blog and Q&A posts in one place. It treats the most basic and economical methods as fairly as the advanced. Nice collation.

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Response to Albert Rooks
    Thanks for the feedback -- much appreciated.

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