Building Plans for Advanced Framing

How to Add Energy Efficiency to Rough Framing: Reduce thermal bridging with less lumber and more insulation — energy efficiency and comfort are bonuses

Video: How to Install Rigid Foam Insulation Outside a House

Video: Superinsulating a Home With Rigid Foam

Better Framing with Factory Built Walls

Posted on Dec 18 by Christina Glennon


Delivered to your site, prefabricated panels can save time and improve quality on production houses or a custom home

A general contractor presents his argument for why he builds with wall panels framed in a factory and delivered to the site on a flatbed truck.

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The Future of Framing is Here

Posted on Dec 18 by Christina Glennon


Smarter strategies can save money, speed construction, improve energy efficiency, and cut down on job-site waste

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SIPs: Are They Right for Your Next Project?

Posted on Dec 18 by Christina Glennon


Structural insulated panels make stronger homes that go up faster and reduce energy bills dramatically

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Energy-Efficient Framing, a.k.a. Advanced Framing

Use Less Material and Build a Better House

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